What color of Google Glass should I get?

I recently got my invite and I am buying Google Glass. Please don’t fill this thread with attempts to persuade me not to. I enjoy technology and I want to experience the Glass Explorer Program so please just give me your input.

My color options are: Black, White, Gray, A Powder Blue, and Tangerine/Orange.

Go with an easily matched color like black or grey. Or if you wear really colorful stuff go with the blue, but then you’ll have to explain to people all the time if it sticks out too much. I though the intro price for them was going to be much higher than that?

Could you post some pics of the other colors?

Here’s Orange

Here’s Blue.

These are the two colors I can’t choose between. Honestly I’m a bland dresser and like to have my accessories, like shoes and such, stand out and be the accenting pieces of my outfit.

I’d say blue for me because it fits me, and I wear a lot of it. Or black, cuz it goes good with everything. White could be cool…

Blue IMO too

Blue/Black/Charcoal. Can’t decide between these three.

Go for black or grey. It’s easy to match, and goes with almost anything.

Yup ^^

Hey, what is the google glass thing do? I like tech but I really haven’t heard of this. Is it like a next Gen projector on the “glass” screen? Pretty coolieo if it is :wink:

Black OR gray (no pref), otherwise maybe blue.

Grey or blue, my only colors that I wear.

I was gonna go “HAHA YOUR FUNNY KID” (I hate it when people do that) but I actually did Google it a couple hours ago when I forgot about this post.

Lol if you don’t want me to be a smart ass then don’t leave yourself open like that.

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For 1500 dollars you could probably visit the sweatshop those glasses are made in.

i would go for the orange blue or grey i like color but if you want go with orange because orange goes with every color!

I’m not persuading you to not buy it but…

I heard that they’re coming out with a 500$ consumer version.

Might be a rumor… But thought I’d let you know.

Grey. They are already fairly loud and stand out, don’t need extra flash imo.

Yeah, the consumer versions will definitely be cheaper, but I guess you get a sense of “I have it and you don’t” with the Explorer Edition. Plus, they’re awesome, and you get to sample a piece of tech that could be the future…