Glide Colors

Okay, I am planning on getting a Glide this weekend and I would like to see which color you all think I should get. I am leaning towards the Gold w/ Blue Splash but I would like for you all to tell me which one you think looks best.

*If you say “Other” please tell me which one you think I should get. I am not looking to get a Star Wars Edition one.

Thanks in advance,

I think the black with red splash looks the best :slight_smile:


I would really like some replies here.

Just get what you think looks the coolest. Nobody else’s opinion really matter in your color choice.

And BTW, the SW Glides aren’t even available yet, so even if you were interested in one, you couldn’t get one, LOL.

I stand corrected. I just saw that Yomega’s website has the SW Glides for sale. But GA States said that the SW Glide they were raffling was prerelease…weird.

Maybe they were put up the day after the contest for sale. ???

the bue with silver splash is cool