What can you do with a Velocity?

Decided to mess around with a Velocity. Fun to see what combos it can handle

Have you seen what Vashek can do with a FAST 201? 6 YEARS AGO!

In all honesty, a velocity can do everything you can on a chief, and better… it’s just… harder haha :smiley:

Which makes it a fun challenge :stuck_out_tongue:
Or a frustrating one lol

Dude, Nujabes and Top Gear are 2 of my favorite things.

Jensen used a Velocity in a video (or two), and he used it at a contest for his prelim too I think. You can do a lot with pretty much any yoyo.

I’ve seen those clips with Jensen and the Velocity. Good stuff :slight_smile:

I know you can do anything with most modern yoyos, but some require more accuracy and smoothness. Hence why I was messing with the Velocity. It’s less forgiving with technical combos with extra string wraps and backspin, so it was more challenging to run through my combos than my other throws.

I think it’s great when you can find a purpose for having a yoyo. Based on what you just said, I might be tempted to pick up a Velocity for those reasons.

I found having wide yoyos and the XCon Pro helped me straighten out and improve my throw. Having more narrow yoyos helped me improve my accuracy.