What can I use to cleaan my bearing?

Can I use any paint thinner? Does IT have to be a certain one.

I use paint thinner, it works great. Just make sure it doesn’t have water in it.

paint thinner, lighter fluid, acetone, and MINERAL SPIRITS.

paint thinner, nail polish remover, mineral spirit etc.

I have paint thinner, can it be any brand?

Yes. As long as it’s water free.

Thanks, do u have to deshield the bearing when cleaning

No but I think it’s best to at least take one shield off.

ok, it hard to get off any suggestions on taking it off, btw like my sig

The best thing in the world to clean bearings with, is the search button.


lol, i dont get it

He means that the question has been asked and answered several times and that a search would have provided you with an answer. As for taking the shields off, take a safety pin and run it along the outer lip of the bearing until it catches. That would be the c clip. Once you find it, carefully pry it off. I usually just take off one shield and leave it off as it makes cleaning and lubing easier. I use zippo lighter fluid to clean my bearings just because I have it around but you can use any lighter fluid or mineral spirits. Make sure to lube the bearing after cleaning. This ensures the bearing will last longer. Put a drop of lube on that safety pin and run it along the little metal balls