What brand do you Stan?

Like the title says, what brand do you Stan for? What company makes you want to buy all their throws even if they might not suit your preferences exactly?

I’m currently in the process of tracking down all the Good Life stuff. The Breeze is so impressive to me that I just want everything they’ve made.

My expectations: A lot of SF and One Drop. A decent amount of the other smaller brands.
Less YYF and Duncan because they release so much and it’s hard to keep up with and aren’t as hyped up.

I chose not to do a poll because there are too many options, I’ll just edit my initial post with results after a decent number of people reply.


So basically it is possible that I fit all of the criteria for Team NExtGen, so I am going to be trying for a sponsorship from them. Also they make lots of comp bi-metals which I enjoy.


General yo because I was a big fanboy of theirs when I started yoyoing. Havent gotten any of the remakes because I have the originals… ha.

I’m also looking to get some more circle city throws at worlds. The hero wasnt something I would normally get, but the play really surprised me with its power and floatiness, so I’m looking to pick up a muse and maybe the proto warbird when I’m at worlds.

Aside from that, I also really love delrins, which was a recent phenomenon for me, so while not necessarily a company I still think pursuing delrin throws would count for this topic.


I don’t even know what that is.


Duncan’s smaller contest team.


You’re stanning for a materiel type/design element. I think that fits.


Oh, so would that include all the “X” throws they release?

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I really only buy bi metals, so yes and no, I’m working on getting an Orbital next

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  1. Turning Point
  2. Luftverk
  3. ???

Yoyo design and branding aesthetic are what keep me coming back to those two above

One drop never really stuck with me (I don’t care for SEs), SF tries too hard to come off as apathetic-nonchalant-cool, and I dislike the trademark G2 undercut design


Sf, yyf


YoyoRecreation and Something. Everything they release is world-class.

But to be fair they have a much smaller catalogue than YYF or even One Drop.


I think these are elements that are becoming more and more important now that every yo-yo is quality and there is so much overlap in design.

When every brand has a rim weighted bi metal or an undersized pocket yo-yo, branding and aesthetic design elements can be the deciding factor on which company you give your money.

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call me basic, but yyf. I have yet to try a throw by them that i don’t like, except for the poly wedge


I own every one of OPYOYOS releases to date.


Is there only one? Thanks for reminding me it (543) exists though, it looks right up my alley shape and spec wise… How’s the weight distributed on it? I’m not a fan of overly rim weighted stuff.


I’m really digging what Amplified is doing. Also 2Sick, I wish I could afford Joey’s entire catalog.


I’m trying to resist buying a bunch of throws like that nowadays but before it was YYR, Sengoku, and UNPRLD. At one point everything those companies pumped out were exceptional.

I could probably add yoyofriends to that list nowadays too.


Haha yeah, I meant it sort of jokingly, but I’m also a fan of Jordan’s other work (Smashing yo-yos float, spectacle, monocle, etc).

The 543 is pretty powerful for its weight (63g) and has pretty thin walls. Doesn’t feel like a bimetal though. I really love mine.


A lot the Sengoku stuff is either weird to me or rim weighted bimetals which I don’t really want. I’m okay with my Bliss and would really only be interested in something lighter than it like the Hummingbird.

And YYR stuff I can see someone who likes one of their yo-yos liking everything they do because the design mentality is similar across the board.

UNPRLD most of their designs are too heavy for me or are rim weighted bimetals.

This might not be fair but apart from Duncan or YYF I tend to think any brand that makes a huge number of models I don’t like just doesn’t have a design philosophy that matches my preferences. So even if they have something that looks like I might like it, I’m skeptical that their overall approach to design might have affected that yo-yo in a way I won’t like.

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Did you see the new Barricuda X and Yoshicuda X?