what bearing should i put on my pgm?

Alright i have heard that a pgm comes unresponsive out of the box but the bearing slowly gets worse and worse until it becomes responsive(corevt me if im wrong) so i decided that ill get a bearing that has no matienence when broken in so ive brought it down to two bearings.
a onedrop tenball
a KK
which would be better for a pgm?
thanksd to all :smiley:

Nonono, the PGM’s bearing doesn’t get worse and worse. I don’t know where you got that from, mine was never like that. Even if it does, lube should do the trick. Anyway, i would get a 10 ball from those choices. a KK is really unnecessary. The kk is smooth, but 10 ball is smoother. The centering of the string really isn’t necessary. Just work on your throw, and it will be fine.

Oh ok thanks