What Axle size is the Diamondback and Titan 3?


What axle size is the Diamondback and Titan 3?


I’m gonna guess Axle 6. For some reason when you mentioned the Diamondback and Titan3, the Phenom came to mind.

Anyhow, that’s my guess and I’m sticking with it. I have nothing to back this up.


Ti-Phenom? Yours was awesome.


I don’t have a Ti-Phenom yet. Just the black/nickel and nickel/gold.


I meant your Phenom was awesome.

WOAH WOAH! Hold up! Did you say “yet”!? when’s the puppy comin in!?


I got my YoYos re tapped, if I put in a new YoYoJam axle will it make them both dead smooth?


When they drop, so will the funds for it in my bank account to YYE!!

If you had it re-tapped, the regular YYJ axles won’t fit, they axle will be too small.

Why did you need your yoyos re-tapped?


So it could get rid of the vibe.

(kclejeune) #9

Retapping doesn’t get rid of vibe… The YYJ axles will have MORE vibe now.


It helped on the Titan,…