What are your top three yoyo brands?

i made a pie chart cuz fomo


There you go, I’m on a chart!

Good thing it isn’t representitive of an actual physical piece of pie I will be getting.

  1. G2 best stuff over all but pricy.
  2. Duncan best large volume manufacturer smooth finishes good bearings good prices especially on bimetals.
  3. MK1 good variety of very different styles.

Few and Far Between, One Drop and Doc Pop


YoYoJam - So innovative. I miss their art and style. Bring back caps. I’ve messaged ZhaoYuan Liu on Instagram urging him to make more MoeCaps. He was happy to have the support but it seems like he is working on other projects.

Sturm Panzer - Artistically inspired by YoYoJam. These yoyos have their own lore serialized in a fourteen issue manga (which I can’t read because it’s only in Japanese). Look at their website and/or twitter to see the incredible passion of this company: STURM PANZER OfficialWeb / シュトルム・パンツァー 公式サイト

Circle City - Very smooth and fun to play. I know they haven’t been in business for awhile but I consider these my artistically-modern yoyos. They are a nice change of pace.


If you can ever provide me with raws I might be interested in doing an English translation for the books. I’ve been very interested in Sturm Panzer and haven’t done any translation projects in years.


Where is everyone making these cool charts?

I made mine using this website. As a tip that I didn’t realize, using underscores will allow you to use spaces in data labels. https://www.rapidtables.com/tools/pie-chart.html

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You mean you didn’t get one as part of your complementary yoyo database?



I did not. Is there a form I was supposed to fill out?



@Glenacius_K you are back on the charts of Pie


If you keep your inventory in Google Sheets, just highlight the “Brand” column and click “Insert > Chart” on the menu bar, then swap the type to “Pie Chart”.


Vim is my favorite IDE. Sorry, back to yo-yos.

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Vim is a lot like yo-yo. It’s been around long enough to be considered “old school”, ubiquitously available, inexpensive (can be), infinitely customizable, and I keep learning more and more impressive tricks with it the longer I use it.

Thanks for listening to my TED talk.

But what about EMACS?

On topic, I find it a little challenging to name my “top 3 yoyo brands”. Collection analysis is going to have a bias towards availability. Really, in the modern environment, most brands produce products that perform decently well, so a lot of things just come down to personal preferences and styles.

So I would invert the whole question and just say that there are some brands I would actively avoid, but anything else I’m going to view on a case-by-case basis and decide. (e.g. if your brand is only sold on Amazon I’m not going to buy it.)


Small disclosure: I am biased since I work with some of these folks.

  1. OP YOYO’s: I’ve always enjoyed Jordan’s designs, the play feel phenomenal! Not to mention Jordan is constantly trying to push his designs in some unique aspect. No matter how funky the designs get, they all play 10/10.

  2. Turning Point: These are probably some of the best bimetal yoyos out there hands down. You’re almost always guaranteed a great yoyo and in my eyes its worth saving up for.

  3. Thesis/Augment: Thesis released the CALYX and it shot up to my number one place. I’ve been lucky to try a good amount of Ti through friends and nothing has topped the Calyx. Thesis has been one of those companies that improves every release but I think this one sets the bar for the best Thesis release.

Honorable mentions:

Dressel Design: unique, fun designs that have performance packed in.

C3 Yoyo Design: Best mass producing company with an amazing QC to match


One Drop is my top choice, can only restate what everyone else has said. Top notch throws and a reasonable price point.

Monkeyfinger Designs. Ray is a God of anodizing, and every throw is a work of art.

For my third its a tie between Zero Gravity Return Tops, (El Mijo and Mijo 6160) and Reticulated Return Tops (Asp).

And a VERY special shout out to the Doc Pop/Zipline Daytripper. My current go to responsive.




Yoyo Jam, HSPIN and SPYY. Of course that’s no help to someone looking to what should they buy…


man, i want more spyy in my life