What are your thoughts on the new yoyofactory spotlight and the recess joyride?

I want to know what are your thoughts on these two new yo-yos and why would you like it :wink::+1:t2:

The new Joyride looks pretty nice. It looks like it’ll be super fun to play with as it seems like it’s a full metal version of the first base. The price can’t be beat either. It’s just weird there wasn’t much info about it before it was dropped.


Definitely gonna pick up the Joyride, at some point. Awesome yoyo for an awesome price. The Spotlight’s shape looks interesting, but specs are too similar to another yoyo I was planning on getting already, the Galaxy Diver 7075. I may still get it eventually, though, just not any time soon. Nothing against the yoyo itself, or YYF, though.