What are your thoughts on the Duncan Exit 8?

Hey everyone! I’ve been looking at the Exit 8 a lot and I’m curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on it! The bimetal design looks really interesting to me. I’ve also been looking at the Haymaker OG so i guess I am deciding between these two haha. Thanks everyone for your help!


I have an Exit 8. It’s not bad, but it’s not a favorite. It makes a bit of a thud at the end of the string.

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I concur with Ed-C for the most part. It’s definitely a more solid feeling yoyo. The performance is good, but not as pure performance focused as many bimetals due to the mid-rim placement. I really like the shape and size, and if those things appeal to you it might be worth a look. But overall I just don’t really find myself picking it up that often.


I got one this summer and like it a lot! With yoyos no one can tell if they will like a yoyo until they throw it. It’s solid, stable, comforable.

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Takeshi Kamisato is cool. I really like this vid


I’ve got one for sale on the BST.
$50. Mint. No issues. No blemishes.


Send me a DM if you’re interested


I really like the exit 8. Mine came with some vibe but other than that its good.

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