What are you throwing in 2018?


It’s great with or without, I’m going to spend the weekend with pogs to check it out.


I think up to this point my most used throw is the Joyride. It’s so comfy.


All weekend.


Feeling kinda rad today…

(Neil ) #333

Throwing my Duncan freehand pro today.

(Ken) #334

Today, I’m using my Sigtyr; I’m trying to wear down the response pads so it won’t grip so forcefully when I bind :joy:

({John15}) #335

Turning Point Houska Dry, and OD Kuntosh. And my own home brew strings :smirk:

(Zammy Ickler ) #336

Been a toss up lately. I’ve religiously been throwing the Onedrop Cabal for about a month now, but now flipped back to my prototype G2 Wolf then here and there been throwing the Onedrop Kuntosh.

I generally flip flop a lot.



A beautiful 2011 wooden, bearing, unresponsive, tulip wood, Eric Wolfe.


My first anti-yo!

It even came with all the extras… you guys remember CDs? They were a thing back in the day? :rofl: thanks @Greenonion

(André Boulay) #339

Loved those denim bags. :heart_eyes:


Didn’t @DocPop make those denim bags for anti-yo?

(Neil ) #341

Throwing my BvM today :slight_smile:


Oh that’s nice, it is acid wash half-swap? Don’t see that much.

(Neil ) #343

It’s a clyw colorway called shark vs zombie beaver. It’s really unique. One of my favorites


I made the first batch of bags for myself and a few for Anti-Yo, but then they had someone else do the bags for the big run. So the one above is based on my design, but made by someone else.


Original run HSpin Pyro #284!




Awww nice I want to get a flame-blasted titanium one of these days.

You might say I felt a “compulsion” to play with these two today…

Madhouse Compulsion and TopYo Meta!


Dude @codinghorror I’m super jealous of your Madhouse collection