Still Looking for Mythical Plaid Unicorn Yo-yo. Free strings if...


wonders if I could find some of the yo-yos on my wish list without needing to make up pitiful dog stories

Still Wanting:

Yomega Glide/Plaid (Seriously? I’m beginning to wonder if these even exist. Freaking mythical plaid unicorn yo-yos… Someone must have one. I’ll send three free Ammo yo-yo strings to anyone who will even taunt me with a photo of their Plaid Glide. Free string taunting rule: A dated note must accompany the taunting screenshot…)

RecRev Silly Goose/Pink Paisley
SPYY Ronin/Scorched Amber
One Drop Chik/Lime Juice
One Drop Cascade/Marigold
One Drop Code 1/Ghost Rain
One Drop Code 2/Black Silver Acid Wash
One Drop Valor/Clear
One Drop Format C/Clear?

Sold or Traded:
FS/FT Motorcycle Transformer Yo-Yo - Vintage/Novelty
OD Cascade/Floz
OD Rally/Mango & Gold x2

What are you throwing in 2018?

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