What are you throwing in 2018?

(Josh) #309

nickel for me!


Deep state and Kui!

(Mark) #311

The D***Runner, my first titanium. Just got it before a week of vacation, too!

(Preston Huft) #312

YYJ Next Level, Peak 2, Dif-E-Yo Internal Turmoil.

(NickSaboo) #313

Been throwing quail pretty exclusively this past week

(InvaderDust) #314

Ti Hawk has been taking my hand this week. Very nice piece of art! Really killer throw.

(Josh) #315

how do you like the peak 2? considering one myself

(Preston Huft) #316

I really like it. It’s well balanced, a good weight (slightly lighter than the original Peak?), and very smooth overall. And it’s gorgeous.

(Neil ) #317

Got a BB2 just yesterday. So it’s todays throw!


Anyone remember the Luchador?


aerobie aerospin

(André Boulay) #320

LOL. That’s a pretty hilarious yo-yo right there!


What the heck?


(Neil ) #322

Today’s throw!


Ricerocket mods today! Both versions of the boltleg and the everything mod (I think it was called momz) FHZ.


Don’t have an aerospin, but I love my aeropress :joy:

(André Boulay) #325

That was such a great series.

(Priyanka) #326

Yoyofactory Shutter




I have the dif-e-yo Gladiator Slave too, it’s great, I am considering taking the rubber o-ring and side caps out? Anyone recommend one way or the other?