What are you throwing in 2018?




What a coincidence me too :sunglasses:

(Former National 4A Champion) #290

Wait, Jeff Atwood yoyos?!? That’s so awesome.


Personally L O V I N G anything from Mowl right now. Surveil is crazy good especially.


I’ve been recently throwing the float, and a kubrick from smashing yoyos.

(Mark) #293

Throwing the OD Dang2 and Smashing Crucible today. Round!

(InvaderDust) #295

Today sir?

The Grail! In all its blueberry goodness. :slight_smile:

(André Boulay) #296

Today’s throw is the YoYoFactory ALTA! @Paolo Signature Series! :raised_hands:


Today is the YWA Skrilla

(Ken) #298

Yoyofactory x Yoyoexpert Superstar (red)


right now im using dah shutter wide angle. edge beyond… soon! im really excited to have mah own one doe :umbrella:


but today im rocking dat WEDGE :blue_heart:

(patrick canny) #301

this one looks dope! can’t wait to try.

(Neil ) #302

Today’s throw for me is this campfire.


YYF Confusion


Brought this to work today.


Seriously can’t wait for the Float pre-orders to ship. Full size ~58g sounds like an absolute dream.

For a “Today’s Throw” update, I’ve been rocking the SpellBound by Ineffable Throws. Had to do some errands today and I love taking anything made out of 7075 out and about for that extra durability. Plus, it love it with thick nylon strings in this hot humid weather that PA has been having lately.


Agreed, it is amazing how good the Confusion is. I wasn’t expecting much, since it is kind of a nostalgia / throwback play, but it’s really good. I recommend picking one up if you haven’t!


Auldey Serenity and first base for today!


MarkMont Next Obsidian.