What are you throwing in 2018?


I wanted some because I didn’t have any “screen printed” yoyos in my collection.

I also secretly covet the plaid Glide yoyo. BECAUSE PLAID… you can see it peeking out here in 2012.

Also MAJOR LOLZ at this … hey @zozobraswife did you ever find one?? :rofl:


I need a leopard rad in my life…
Oh, also @codinghorror , I believe they call that hydrographics. Could be wrong, but it’s definitely not screen print. It’s a cool process to watch if you can find it on YouTube. Basically the graphics are a film that floats on top of a liquid bath. As the yoyo is dippped into the bath, the graphics transfer


Like that madhouse.




You know it’s a good day when your yo-yo matches your socks… gotta love the SESH!


Beef stacked tfl

(InvaderDust) #355

Bonfire! Very good all arounder.

(Neil ) #356

Those socks are sick! And so is the throw!

(Vidia Oktaviani Sulistiawan) #357

Blazzing teens yoyo by Auldey


Ywet. Danny’s version.


Project, Manly Pink. I like pink.


Turns out the Raptor caps work in the Freehand MG :wink:

… do all Duncan side caps work in all side cap compatible yo-yos?

(André Boulay) #361

Yeah. With most Duncan yoyos they have done a consistent job if they take caps to use the original Freehand cap size. :blush:


Cyclotron today!


:camera: or it didn’t happen, man :wink:

(Ken) #364


(Vidia Oktaviani Sulistiawan) #365

OMG You are so lucky @NoT_ATHROWER.
I hope they are avaiable in my country soon.


Chill night with the 420

(Mark) #367

The O-Ting. Round! Circular! Cool container!


Throwing my Yomega Dash with one of my strings. I’m thinking I’ll call this string type a “derivative.” It’s a long story.