What are you throwing in 2018?


American Made.

(Ken) #370

Duncan Roadrunner :smile:

(André Boulay) #371

The YoYo - not the footbag right?

(Ken) #372

Haha, yeah

(André Boulay) #373

Pictures, etc?

(Ken) #374

It’s around thirty bucks. Also one of the smoothest throws I have. I hope it’ll be release on YYE soon so I can buy some more :joy:
(It may not be visible in the picture but the sides are grooved so it actually can grind for like 10 seconds)

(Alexander) #375

My new throw from the latest mystery box! Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything.


Throwing an eH today

(Neil ) #377

The ILYY Solid


American made plastic.


ART 420 and radical seas siren


#yyfkedge <3

(Josiah Lyons) #381

yotricks sage yoyo


Same here. My responsive “trainer yoyo” (I’m just a beginner at this) is my red Sage. My unresponsive trainer yoyo is a neon blue Replay Pro.

(Josiah Lyons) #383

I have it set for unresponsive
I have always wanted a replay pro

(Tyler) #384

My work throw, I keep it in my toolbox
Galaxy marble replay pro w/ some Buddha XL red brew strings
And yes…i was trying to get all my stickers in the picture XD

(Tyler) #385

The Replay Pro is probably my favorite yoyo so far at its price range. Doesn’t get much better for $20, definitely recommend getting yourself one @jolly0707

(Neil ) #386

ILYY 3145 (BIAS). On of my favorite throws. super unique. Not one curve on this throw.


Well it is round…


Spinworthy Harbinger in merbau.