What are you throwing in 2018?


#yyfwedge <3


As the result of a “exact same shape, different aluminum” experiment I’m currently running, I guess I’m throwing these AceYo Gravitations today! 7075 on the left, 6061 on the right.

(Ken) #391

is there any difference between the two?

(Ken) #392

Awesome! I think the colorway is a lot smoother compared to the other ones i’ve tried for some reason.



(Ken) #394

Axis Pulsefire!


OD Deep State, Recess Snack, Komodo


radian super light


throwing lots of duncan

({John15}) #398

So how do you like that thing? Other than its rarity, do you enjoy the way it plays? Have you even played it yet?

(Tyler) #399

I’ve been throwing for about three months now, and here is my collection so far.
YoyoKing Merlin(I bought this before I knew what I was doing lol), Hubstack Afterglow, Replay Pro, Wedge, Shutter, Monometal Edge, and Yokudesigns Euler


It is kinda old timey in the way that it plays for sure. A throwback throw.

(Ty Goldman) #401

Flying Dutchman by Bread N Butter


Mine is green and blue.


(Domenic Carpentieri) #404

Clyw Compass


I also just sorted out the flowable silicon on my ‘primer ‘ it’s working properly now. This was as I understand it what Manny made as a project prior to Northern Spin days.





(Ken) #408

This thing again…