What are you saving up for at nationals?


I’m saving up for a pair of freebird 2’s (i’d heard they are releasing at nats) and some special freehand’s. What are you saving up for?

(Owen) #2

Im saving up for a ticket for nats 2013/2014…


A hazmat and freq wave or maybe a compulsion


wait does it cost money to watch the freestyles and go window shopping at the booths? or only to comlete…? thanks. if its free, i wanna get a b-grade mvp 2, some of those nats only cheap unresponsives, a set of loop 808s, a metropolis, and a champions collection g funk. maybe a banged up dietz from another person. might be pushing it, but still!


As I understand, attending and viewing Nationals is free. Window shopping and trying is often free.

Not sure what I for sure want to get. Definately want the new RecRev Freq.Wave. Might have to look at some of the Duncans. I wouldn’t mind getting more Delrin yoyos. Might get some other loopers, but I’m pretty pleased with the Unleashed, and seeing as how I have 4 Unleashed now, will buy a 5th Sunday and am waiting for the 6th to come in in a specific color(white with white paper caps). Maybe an MVP2 or an Avante Garde 1 or 2, but I’d have to play them first and they’d have to be B-grades.

Also, when I go shopping, I also have a list of models with prices, so I know if I’m getting a decent deal or not. I like to know. It also helps me focus on what I think I wanted to get.


i can’t go :’(

(SR) #7

I can’t go, but if I did, I’d get either a Genesis or Supernova and also a Code 2. And other little stuff (bearings, shirts, lube, etc)

Everything is free except the merchandise of course. But the General rule pretty much all the companies abide by is if you’re trying it and you dent it, you buy it. Unless it’s already dented of course. Make sure you ask.


I can’t go so I’m getting a metropolis from a disclosed location but if I could go I would get a supernova or wrath or maybe even a b grade arctic circle if their there


I would have to save up just to go to Nationals.


Where are the nats this year?


chico, california


Can someone buy me a Chupacabra? :slight_smile: Or like save 1 for me?