What are you saving for.


TiPhiter II. It’s taking forever!

If this is a yoyo then from what company or are you trolling me?

Nope, it’s real. An old throw made by Kyo. Hefty price!

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A levi 6,but I always end up seeying #dealz

Not so much ‘saving up’, but I’m easing up on the yoyo spending a bit so I don’t feel guilty when I pick up the new Onedrop Titanium. ;D

I have the money, I just need to not spend it elsewhere, but I’m waiting for the OD titanium as well.

Car and car insurance So…yea I’m goona buy a yeti when they finally come out and then I’ll be done on yoyo’s for awhile.

Getting old sucks

You poor dear boy… :slight_smile:

You won’t be saying that when you’re cruisin’ the streets of Cali’ in your brand new low-rider!


Seriously though, being able to drive is awesome, especially in the States… with your automatic transmission, wide open roads and ample steakhouses. Dat freedom. 8)

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Yea that will be nice but its expensive

A pair of YYF Loop 1080s. I’m trying to learn all of the Sports Ladder tricks so I need a pair of loopers.

Phoenix Prototypes

College tuition

I’m not exactly saving up so much as working to improve my throwing enough to justify it to myself.

But the next thing I have my eye on is a One Drop Downbeat.

Or, maybe more relistically, the Magic YoYo Silencer looks intriguing.

An engagement ring. Hope to buy soon.

I can’t decide between the OD BIMETAL or the last run of AC2.

Yetis. Emphasis on the plural. $45 is totally doable, but if I’m gonna grab 3 or 4, I’ve gotta have some cash

Yup, but consider the alternative.

And I am saving for my old age. Oops. too late!

I’d like one of the recently released Shipwrecks. I usually enjoy heavier throws. But I’m an adult, so I’m not so much saving money as I am waiting to try to justify the purchase. I’m building to it, as I try not to impulse buy yoyos that are close to or over $100.

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