What are you doing today?


There’s a “what are you throwing today?” so what’s wrong with this?


to the tune of ‘Like A Boss’

Went to work!

Prepped for concrete!

Ate lunch!

Shoveled dirt!

Got rained out!

Left work early!

Drank a drink!

Went to gym!

Lifted things!

Bought some work boots!

Got home!

Checked the mail!
Nothing there!

Dried my clothes!

Threw my Bob!

Took a picture!

Went online!

Posted this!


Like a baws! XD

Woke up early to watch the World Cup. Disappointed that I woke up to watch such a shocking performance from Brazil (even though I hate their guts and actively cheer against them every match). Currently browsing forums and doing some online shopping. Will play badminton later tonight and then watch the State of Origin and hope that NSW claim a series whitewash.



Went to rehearsal (which was stressful because we have shows on Friday and we just went through the whole show for the first time. So that was from 9:30-5.

Then I got home… And went on the computer and watched old lost episodes… Til about 7:30.

Went to Starbucks with my sister cuz we were both bored and she got a giftcard. Til like 8:15.

Then had to move some old rotten termite infested wood to the end of the driveway to get taken by the garbage men. Til like 8:40.

Then ate a hamburger, and now i’m watching family guy with my brother.

Ok day I guess :).


Had swim practice at 7:30am

Then I Had breakfast, brushed teeth, and had a shower

Then I watched TV and Went on the computer

Then I went to the swimming

Then I had a private clarinet lesson

I had an early dinner

Then I babysat some kids

Then we had a nasty thunderstorm

Then our house lost power for 2 hours

Now I am writing this post

Good now your all caught up now :slight_smile:


Well this morning I woke up. (Fascinating really)

Then I went to my grandmother’s house to help her get things organized for her to move out as she just recently sold her house.

Then I went to Lawrence MA because my parents just bought a car, but somehow it was damaged before we bought it so we brought it back and got a really nice rental for a few days.

Then I went to my Aunts, and my cousin got me to get over the fear of doing a backflip into the pool, now I can do it. :slight_smile:

Then I walked to my cousins from there and then I was picked up, brought to Methuen MA to pick up my dad from the hospital, (No worries, he was dropping a car off to my aunt so he had no ride home), then we went back to my grandmother’s to figure out some issues with moving stuff.

Now I’m home, had a pretty productive day, got some summer school done, yay me, and am now browsing the internet and talking to people because I just broke my phone. :stuck_out_tongue:


Been on here all day duh.


Is it weird that I’m actually entertained by this thread?


So far today, I’ve woken up, eaten breakfast, brushed my teeth, played a bit of tennis, run a mile in 7:34 (The sad thing is that that’s my record) :P, and taken a shower, oh and played a semi-pointless computor game.


So far today, I’ve woken up, struggled for 20 minutes or so to actually drag myself out of bed, brushed my teeth, had a shower, drove to work, and have since been writing automated test scripts for one of our products.


Well, the day this post was started I was sitting under a rain fly watching it rain on Sawbill Lake in the the BWCA. The next two days I paddled a total of 15 miles. I drove home today, in the rain…


So far today I woke up then made a smoking hot girl some pancakes. Lounged around a bit since we only got like 2 hours of sleep. Walked around outside barefoot. Built the biggest bonfire my property has ever seen (about 4 fully grown white pine trees worth). Made another pancake (but this time with blueberries AND chocolate covered raisins - yum). Now I’m going to go take a shower, hit the gym, then come back to my house to celebrate my brother’s birthday. He’s 20, what a dull age. I’ll probably take a couple dances with my friend M. Jane and try to polish off this Bacardi Gold (I don’t get it, I hate the regular kind). There’s supposed to be a super moon tonight which works well with our plans of playing some midnight volleyball.

I might try to pepper in some yoyoing as well haha.


Had a swim meet came home
Then went shopping for a backpack online
Now I’m yo-yoing and chilling on YYE


Ummm, frankly it seems like you’ve never seen one. White pines grow well over 50 ft tall, with some
being in the 100-150 ft range.


Hey man stop harshin’ my buzz.

Of course, it’s all chopped up here.


pffffffft you got nothin on me our bonfires at our house are so big that the firehouse has came to our house because they could see the flames above out barn!!!