What are the possibilities of a powder coat

What can someone do with a powder coat? I always thought it was just like a hard coat but what kind of color combinations are possible? And is there a way to make PC grind?

I think a better question is what CAN’T you do with. The answer to which is not much.

Bob Maskos (Mullicabob on the forums) is an artist with the stuff. There’s a lot more possibilities with powder than there is with anodization. I actually just got a Catalyst back from him that he hit with a powder coat designed for grinding. He does great work for pennies.

Check out his thread in YoYo Mods and Maintenance.

Evan, you could have always sent me a pm about this lmao Next time we hang out, I can show you in person. Btw, I already showed you a powder coat that could grind.

Speaking on my behalf about powder I can get just about whatever it is you would want.

Anodizing can have the same level of detail as powdercoat. It just gets expensive when you start adding lots of colors because there’s a lot of masking involved.

However certain colors that are available with powder coat will never in a million years be available for ano.

White is the only color I know of that can’t be replicated in ano though

There’s always hydro dipping as well :stuck_out_tongue:

There are some colors that are available with powder that will NEVER BE AVAILABLE WITH ANO.

Oh yeah, I forgot about your trinity. I was kind of wondering what color possibilities that there were but after seeing a combination of your and Bob’s work, I am quite impressed.

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There is an ungodly amount of color choices with powder. If there is something you don’t see from me and would like I can always order it.

Powder has an elegant look. Not tacky and shiny, but nice solid pure color. I love it.

I agree very much.

Typically any high gloss powder has a plastic feel to it and does not grind worth poo.
Matte and flat powders have less of the feel mentioned above and start to grind a little better.
Powders like the flat anos rival true blasted surfaces and look super slick. They are limited in color choice though.

Actually, bright colors cannot be replicated in ano. Neon colors, you wouldn’t even dream of in anodizing. Hydro dipping is cool and all, but remember, it’s not nearly as durable as powder coating or anodizing. Each type of finish has it’s own advantages, and depending on how you use your yoyo, then you should choose the finish accordingly. Btw, Evan, there’s a powder I’ve been meaning to use, it’s a sample of flat ano powder Bob sent me, this type of powder coat is freaking amazing at grinding.

Really want a yoyo flat ano white. That would be sick.

The closest to that is matte white :wink: Matte colors grind very well! Get me the color and I can do a throw for you for just shipping back.