What are some tricks that you've made up?

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What are some, list them or put in a video! :wink:


Here is a trick i made up.  I don’t have a name for it but it’s from the bust a move thing.


It’s from 19-27 sec and the jade whip brent stole thing is just something i added on for the vid.

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Someone called the trick confused gyro so I might as will call it that.



Pretty much all my newer videos have made up tricks in them, so here is the most recent:



I made up nearly all of the tricks in my videos…By the way, new video coming soon-ish. :wink:


Sweet can’t wait. :smiley:


the trick that i made up is the chain be puting a vid later on this year


swinging double


Quantitizilization - A trick that looks like its repeating alot, variating from left to right hands. 1A.
Rusty Ladder - A superman, hourglass, ladder escape and plan D based trick.
Water Pulsation - Based on a double over wrist wrist mount.


and just about every trick in my vids.

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Just made a new trick, Tower to wrist mount :smiley:

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Ones called razor and I forgot the other. I may post some videos.

keep spinning


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Yellow rolls to GT.

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Ninja to GT