what am i doing wrong?

i’ve been working on kwijibo for most of a week now and i can’t seem to land the double or nothing part. i can do the rest of the trick no problem but when it come to the double or nothing i either go straight to a trapeze or wind up in some crazy, sloppy, disorganized triple or nothing looking thing.

has anyone else had this problem? any advice?

I also had this problem for a while. It’s really important to keep the strings closer to the base of your fingers (at least on your nonthrowhand) so that they don’t fall off. Just work on popping and aiming.

I know we are all tired of hearing it, but this is one of those things that just takes a lot of practice. The most important part for me was the string spacing on my non-throw hand.

What helped me is a first person view to see what’s going on


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Make sure you don’t drop any strings and make sure you push into the last one.

thanks for the help guys. i always appreciate good, specific advice.