Werrd Sentinel

Anybody play one yet, how does it play and is it worth the price?

Not sure on price yet, but be sure to check back here on YYE very soon!

62 mm in diameter
44 mm wide
68 grams
CBC slim pads
Crucial 2 bearing comes stock

A very smooth yoyo, nimble despite its size and weight to the distribution. Not only is the shape large for catches and comfortable in the hand, but the shape resonates a quiet yet beautiful sound during play when your string lands into mounts.

Be sure to hop on chat if you can at about 9pm EST Sunday!

It plays great, totally worth the money. It’s super stable, really smooth, and it has a nice shape too. It can handle any tricks you want it to also, I highly recommend one.

I Highly recommend it! It’s one of my favorite Werrd yo-yos!

It’s larger than normal and that tends to put people off alone, but don’t let it fool you, the size doesn’t get in the way! It also makes for a really fun yo-yo to play with. It’s comfortable in the hand and feels great on the string.

It’s all around a great yo-yo! The only regret you’ll have buying it is not getting more than one!

Some other info that was not previously mentioned:

The gold and green finishes are Type-3 Hard coat anno, and the Silver and black are both Nickel plated!