Well... This is a first...

Alright, so I live in Connecticut, and right now, there’s a fricking blizzard outside!!! In October!!! This is more like Christmas than Halloween.

i heard it didnt really stick up in that area though… down in fairfield we have about an inch of slush and a layer of snow on top of that

started recently here in D.C. We usually don’t get snow in December, let alone October! No really sticking because there was so much rain and the grounds wet.

in Ohio, we just recently broke the Midwest record for annual rainfall

Ahh! It global warming…in REVERSE!? Time to head for the hills.

Wow, this is strange, up here in Ontario, Canada (eh), we don’t have any snow!


I know!

I know right!!!

Eh :slight_smile:

Snow stopped last night, didn’t really stick. :-[
If it snows on Halloween…

Wow, just saw some news reports about yesterday’s snowfall in parts of New England. You weren’t akiddin’ man, you really did get a “fricking blizzard”.

20 years ago today we had our own Halloween blizzard here in Minnesota…

STORM STATS: Snow started falling about 11 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 31. Four days later, these still-standing Twin Cities records had been set:

Most snow in a single storm: 28.4 inches
Most snow in 24 hours (Oct. 31-Nov. 1): 21 inches
Most snow on Oct. 31: 8.2 inches
Most snow in month of October: 8.2 inches
Most snow on Nov. 1: 18.5 inches

Man, I hate, yet love a foot of snow… I know I’m weird.