Well that's new...

FINALLY managed to damage my Wrath today (took long enough). I hit it against the metal sides of my case, and it seemed to ‘peel’ a bit. Anybody have an idea of…what this is? My best guess is that it’s a thin layer of sealant.

Wow that is weird. It might be the clear coat just nicking your case.

Maybe I should try to do that with my wrath:O ???

Most likely the candy coating. It’s a thin sugary layer that assists with grinds.

It is strange looking… Maybe the clear ano had some chemical reaction with the metal on your case as the friction heated them up.

Would the coat explain why finger grinds smelled funny in your review of the Wrath?

That would make sense.

Definitely a thin candy coating.

It might be residue from your case.

No, it’s this^

But the wrath doesnt have that slick coating feel, its very metallic and rough almost…

I’ve never heard of a candy coating, only a candy blast. And if it’s a blast, there is no residue left from the blast. There can’t be, otherwise it wouldn’t anodize where there was residue or a coating. My guess is that you hit it just right to shave off a thin layer. Sorry to see that.

I’m gonna hide this message thread from my kids so they don’t try licking my Wrath into oblivion trying to eat the candy coating.

To distract them I’m gonna put out some Doritos.

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Eat it!

No, its a candy coating. 100% genuine sugar.

Ah, 14 posts in and the little guy is just starting to learn about sarcasm on the intertube. :wink:

Links, this could only happen to you. What the heck is that!? You have some alien yoyo and it’s molting or something! :o

Hahaha. I wonder what other strange yoyo phenomena will happen to me. Perhaps a bearing spontaneously exploding in the middle of a trick?

It was definitely from the Wrath, not my case. Either way, I’m sorta glad I damaged it. I was worried it’d stay mint forever :smiley:


whoa, super weird cough…

Whoops! Hey sorry if I offended or missed the sarcasm of the sarcasm. :smiley:

Obviously my sarcasm meter was off. I thought you guys were serious. Ha! Haven’t been here long so I guess I need to get up to speed. Anyway, no prob. Maybe I’ll go work on a candy coating that helps with grinds…