Welcome Back Tactic

Not my best video, but I haven’t put anything out in a while.

Looking good :slight_smile: . You’ll be getting your DV888 back soon too.


you suck

dude be quiet you probably arent any better and didnt you scam someone of a tactic

Love you too man. Atleast people will trade with me.

ouch burned!!!

really you suck? .come on man be nice he is a lot better than you i bet.

The Hater is back. You should see what he writes on my videos. Great video Bro :wink:


i see… so you think he sucks. i can also see your favorite yoyo is a tactic. which you scammed for. i guess this says some things. i personally am suprised your still on the forums. if your even gonna post or start threads your probobly gonna get alot of hate.