First Yoyo Video

Just threw together a yoyo video for the first time. Hope you guys like!


What are you talking about? I thought it was good! Especially for a first video.

Thanks for defending me crococorey. You’re much nicer than the other snob that keeps responding to this thread.

And for your information, I’m probably not as skilled as the other yoyoers on here. I do know more tricks than just the ones in the video, but I’m not gonna try and fit all of them into ONE video.

Yeah also there are alot of tricks that I can do sometimes, but not consistent enough to do in front of the camera. I bet you have the same.

Yeah, like I can do ‘And Whut’ about every 5th or 6th try. But it’s not consistent enough to film.

Show us how good YOU are…

so you are a huge pro mh? i mean… 12 forum posts registered 3 days ago, and all you did so far is insult a beginner… sure he is not amazing, and i bet that he hasnt been yoyoing for years… no one start by being amazing not even the allmighty “Molinag” you are not helping anyone!
i´m not sure if you actually think your helping him, but your not, so if your so hateful just keep it to yourself! to most of us yoyoing is about the fun and the joy. sure most of us want to get better, including me! but insulting a beginner like this is cheap, annoying, destructive and in very bad taste!

probably your just having a horrible day, so i hope your next day will be better. maybe then you realize how absurdly stupid that was…

now to the actual topic… its pretty nice for your first video :wink: keep working on it, you´ll get much better quick! its amazingly fun to learn and improve especially when your still pretty new and find new awesome stuff every day :smiley:

i´m sorry that you have this hate on your first video, its pretty sad. when i posted my first video not to long ago, i got great feedback and it made me love yoyoing even more! so dont be discouraged. everyone needs to take out their anger somewhere… in this case in a yoyoing forum wich is pretty pathetic. just keep on yoyoing and filming it if you have fun with it, and dont listen to a prick like this :wink:

In the forum rules it sais to be kind and corteus. Both of which you are not being. Please keep you (typing) mouth shut if you don’t have anything nice to say.

For a first video that was not bad. If i were you I would go back and watch the video, and find points where the yoyo slowed down and maybe even stopped moving and try to smoothen those parts out.

As for Molinag, just don’t mind him. In fact, I am very curious at what he can do with a yoyo.

haters gonna hate. The video was pretty good, you got some great tricks in there. As lefty said just work on smoothing those tricks out so it looks like one fluent motion and it will be incredible.

@Molinag Nacho has skill. Don’t deny truth

Dude like look at the image you are portraying of yourself. You are throwing insults at people when this is supposed to be about yoyoing. If you think people do not have a life because they yoyo, then you certainly do not have one if you are commenting like this on a yoyo forum.

Someone hit there head with a yoyo today…

nice job man i remember my first video check some of my videos i just posted one i make regular ones and tutorials check it out u might like some :smiley: im subbing u btw:3

Oh, so now you delete your comments, Molinag. Think before you act! On the topic of the video, it was really good. One recommendation is to smooth our your combos and possibly build up speed. :smiley:

I don’t think he deleted them. Jhb just cleaned up the thread a bit

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nice skills. u are doin great. keep getting better and smooth your tricks out, overall great video

NIIIICE. I can’t do any better, in my vid (which i am going to upload) i looked terrible, and i forgot all of my tricks and combos, i could do nothing because of my nervousness.

But that’s the magic of video. If you mess up, just try again

i tried like 8 times, but i forgot everything every time.