Weird trick names


Hear of a weird trick name? Heres two “strawberries and mustard” And “Fridges”


What a coincidence. I youtubed “yoyo tutorials” a few days ago and Strawberries and Mustard is one of the top ones. Fun trick.


There are soo many. :smiley: Yoyoing is full of colorful and artistic people. Nice topic!


Yoyo tricks have weird names as well as Jazz songs:P


Skin the gerbil always comes to mind.


soiled panties


What’s so weird about this?


American ham (it’s an offshoot of Canadian bacon)


soiled panties FTW…

I rarely pay attention to the trick name though…


rancid milk


Eli Hops

WHO is Eli?


Heres another one I made up a trick and called it “The Harlem Shake”


How about no.



God just a joke calm down.




I Only Sleep In The Boat Once A Night
Erik’s Birthday

edit: grammar correction


One day, one day I’ll make a tutorial for “Giraffe snake bite on a windy day in Paris”.

Seriously though, the yoyo world is blessed with many interesting and beautiful trick names. Even standard ones, like “Green Triangle” are pretty cool.

I think it was Steve Brown who cleared this up some time ago? Eli was the guy who first started popping the yoyo up off the string - apparently he was only doing small hops, nothing like the Eli Hops we know today, nonetheless, it was the birth of something new.


Eli is an Aramaic word and it means “high” or “the high one” (it has the same meaning in Arabic and Hebrew) it’s usually used as a name. so Eli hop makes sense meaning the High Hop :wink: I know because I’m fluent in the language :smiley:

Edit: I think Boomerang is a weird name for a yoyo trick! but I guess that too can make a little sense.


And here I thought it was a person…