Weird/Neat Collection Items

Anyone else got something weird/neat in their collection for some reason? I’ll start.

Here’s my last string of spool thread co, which used to be my favorite string until they finally stopped making strings a few years ago. Not sure if I’ll be able to bring myself to throw this on a yoyo…


I have this

Shutter signed by gentry


That’s pretty cool!!


Idk how “weird” this is, but the first thing that came to mind was my fake Grail that I got a couple years back from a seller who thought it was a real one (or was trying to pass it off as a real one at least, who really knows). If you’re interested in reading more about it, I made an extensive post about it here. Had a ton of people offering to buy it, some for wayyy more than what a regular, actual Grail is worth - but felt it was best to hold onto it and keep it out of circulation so no one gets scammed (they’re pretty hard to tell apart if you’ve never owned/don’t have a Grail to compare it to). Speaking of which, here it is next to a real Grail in the “same” color (real Grail is on the left)…


I also have a Fail(aka fake-grail)
And I’ll raise you a fake canvas


G2 Kendama. No special story behind it. I was just the first to see the sale post. I know there are a couple variants and I’d love to get them all.


Holy ■■■■ I need one of those lol


A Fanvas! :joy: Thanks, I’ll leave now…

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I gotta find it, but having special string reminds me I’ve got some of the old generalyo Kevlar string somewhere lying around.


I’m down to my last Spoolthreadco as well but I decided to use it. I have plenty of Airetic left.


This is my “Case of DECEPTION” which is a fun one as every single yoyo in this is a knock off / Bootleg of an existing yoyo.
Yyr Draupnir, ART Grail x 2, YYF Shutter, Turning Point Mustang, Turning Point BGM (or ABG as I like to call it cause it’s not real), CLYW Cliff,
Duncan FHZs, YYR Sliepnirs, YYF 888.


LOL, that Shutter though… Who are they kidding? They didn’t even get the font right. :joy:


I’ve never heard of a fake Mt Fuji Draupnir

my edge 2022 has quite the interesting story behind it, originally, i had ordered an edge ultimatum, but due to a quirk in the yoyofactory website, it was not registering as out of stock, even though it was. on top of that, the order had become lost in the system, so it took about a month before they accidentally stumbled across it. they sent me an email saying they were out of ultimatums and were really sorry they’d also missed the order, but that they had just received a shipment of edge 2022s, and asked if i wanted one instead. of course i said yes, and now i have this beauty.


theres a ton of them even they copied the 44clash edition


You would think with the number of fake yo-yo’s out there, the Industry is making tons of money.

Yeah some knock offs are very much spot on, and others are just awful. The draupnir knock off is actually so exact to the draupnir itself that we screwed one half into an actual draupnir and could tell no difference at all during play.

Others like the shutter knock off are so strange. Every spec was wrong and it was like 75 grams heavy XD


does the fake grail play the same? if so why does it matter if it’s real.