PSA: Fake/bootleg/counterfeit A-RT Grails are in circulation

So I’m super bummed cause it turns out the A-RT Grail I received recently turned out to be fake. Thing is, it’s super hard to tell without having an authentic one to compare it to. I was throwing it and something about it seemed a lil off, but I couldn’t quite place what exactly it was. So, I grabbed my authentic Grail and compared it side by side, and found a couple differences that everyone should be aware of so they know what to look out for. As you can see in the pictures I’ve taken below, here is how to spot a fake one (the gold one on the left is the authentic one): the diameter is ever so slightly smaller, the rim edges are sharper and less rounded, and the undercut in the gap is sharper and more pronounced. The other major difference is that the finish is not the typical pyramatte finish found on authentic Grails.

I reached out to Jensen on Instagram and he confirmed that the one I received is fake, and even made a PSA on the A-RT Insta about it using the photos I provided.

Tried doing some research on this and couldn’t find anything, so I figured I would make a PSA to let others know to be SUPER careful when purchasing Grails in the wild from here on out. Ask for very detailed pics and make sure none of the aforementioned features of a fake are present. It honestly is really hard to tell when buying online, when all you have are pictures, especially when the differences between authentic and non-authentic are so subtle. I genuinely don’t believe the guy who sold it to me even knew it wasn’t real. If I ended up with a fake one, I know there are others out there. Stay safe out there kids.


Thanks for the heads up buddy!


:thinking:I guess another way to tell if they are fake is that the copies will not come with the characteristic original of Jensen drawing:

…and from what I see, the original grail has red silicone and the fake has transparent strips.

thanks for the warning;)


Well spotted!

I wonder who made it?


Nah, there was a time when jensen didn’t draw it himself. Charles did

And very early Grail run came with transparent flowable silicone. At some point, they changed into response pad.

So the best way to determine the originality is the diameter and pyramatte finish. Cmiiw

And for @SR1, we would appreciate if you can help to trace the previous owner of that grail. :pray:


I wonder who made it?

Have been wondering this as well. Whoever they are did a very impressive job tbh, as I highly doubt they had the original CAD design to use, and had to use other methods to copy the original. They got damn close and like I said, the differences are so subtle that unless you’re familiar with the Grail and/or have a real one to compare it to side by side, it’s hard to tell. It’s like buying off brand cereal… something seems a little… off… but you likely won’t tell exactly what the difference is unless you’re directly comparing it to the real thing. Pretty sure this thing was made in China from what I’ve gathered so far. I’ll keep everyone posted if I’m able to trace it back.

Of course. Gonna work with the guy who sold it to me and see if we can trace it back to the original source so no one else gets burned.

Of course! If a little issue for me helps save others from getting burned, then I guess it wasn’t all bad? haha



This is cool! “The Mystery of the Fake Grail”.

Also kind of a major bummer.


Oh dear, sorry about your bad experience dude, thank you for sharing :+1:

This is very troubling, makes me hesitant to buy high end seconds now.

Just recently bought off of someone but I checked all their feedback and activities but how can you prevent this :pensive:

Very troubling indeed.


This sums up exactly how I feel lmao…
Like… totally a cool mystery/story and I wanna know more. Lots of questions for sure, and it makes you wonder if this is the only one or if there are a lot more out there in the wild. Definitely one of the more interesting yoyos I own, all considered. However, I would just like to have a (real) EDC Grail, and it’s a bummer I paid for something that isn’t authentic.

Yup. The seller is a good guy tho and it’s really hard to prevent something like this after the yoyo is released into the wild. At least I’m in the business of buying yoyos and not sneakers cause from what I’ve seen there’s INFINITELY more knockoffs in that world.


I think the only solution is for Jensen and Charles to finally make more Grails :wink:

Thanks for giving everyone a heads up about the existence of these Frails.


This for sure. :slight_smile: I want one!!

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I’m curious how these got into circulation. Who made them?

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Had to come from a machine shop somewhere? China?


Yeah I guess so. But who commissioned them to be made?

@SR1 have you contacted the seller yet from which ever BST you bought it from?

@PCaliyoyos Aoda a Chinese Toy company use to do knock off FHZ and 888s a few years ago with counterfeit Konkave bearings.

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Seems like baseless speculation here.


I mean pretty sure most yoyos are machined there? Or at least a good handful of them are.


Very well could be. But I think we can wait for evidence before pointing fingers.


There is a trackable history where intellectual property is stolen frequently there. Not to get political, but it was machined somewhere? More unlikely that it came out of the One Drop shop where the original Grails are made.


Fair enough. Guess it’s impossible it came out of the US if it didn’t come out of OD. No machines capable of doing this elsewhere in the US, and certainly no sleazy opportunists among the American people. Not to mention the rest of the world.

Just strikes me as a bit lazy and presumptuous to jump to “blame China.” Such a struggle to resist political jokes here…