Weird Hybrid Shutter/Urban

So my friends and I were messing around with my Shutter and his new Urban. We combined the two and It actually worked. But the bearing switched places so we couldn’t connect the Shutter. So we’re both stuck with a hybrid Shutter/Urban.

Are you talking about switching yoyo halves?

Sounds like when they switched halves; the bearings both ended up sticking to the Urban halves. So snce thypey can’t get one of the bearings loose; they just have to keep the yoyos ‘Frankenstein’d’. U til they figure out how to get a stuck bearing, unstuck😳

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Use a quarter in drill bit. That works for me when a multitool fails.

I did this with a new breed and dm2, it was fun :slight_smile:

If you combine a Popstar with a Rockstar, would it make Poprock-star, or Rockpop-star? why?

I’m planning on making weird hybrid yo-yo’s, this time I did it on purpose but we didn’t know the bearing was going to switch places. The actual yo-yo works pretty good (it’s kind of a way to make yo-yo’s better.)

I did this and it made an unstable yoyo

Lol not surprised