Weird Chat Idea

Well, I’ve been noticing during chat night sometimes people tie to often, so the person who showed up first wins. Well, I was in the chat today, and I noticed how ever time someone posts, it tells what time they posted. So, to make things fairer for chat night, would it be possible to add seconds and milliseconds to the time thing, so it would be fairer to the posters?

Yes, great idea (is this a unnecessary post)?

I love the idea, and that was not unneccicary- you just said your standing on the opinion…

I do think that it would be great, but I do not think that he can do this, since it’s a sort of software or whatever. I’m not sure if he can modify the software or not.

I have seen this type of forum. Sadly, I do not believe he can change it to such specific processes.

What do you mean by wins??? I have no idea about this subject :’(

I have to say yes to this. It will be hard to do it tho.


i think its a good idea

not to be mean but, you gotta stop bringing old posts back up this is also 3 weeks old