We are Throwers


Amazing perks with coming with this indiegogo such as 19 limited edition Draupnirs and a copy of the film

Support them!
P.S not affiliated with yoyonews

i will be throwing some money at this… cant wait!

lets see if we can get what happened to the yyf ti project to happen here.

did they just change apparitions to accelerators
faith lost for humanatee

if i was a millionare, i would be broke right now because of donating. :smiley:

but i have none of the money to do so lol

$3,425 raised in 8 hours wow…

Originally they had 10 Draupnirs, then i guess they all went ( i was #9 i think), now they have 20 more. Was kinda counting on owning a 1/10 Draupnir, but oh well, i’m sure the color and engraving will be great, and can never have too many Draupnirs.

Jumped on the limited edition Draups ;D Really exited for this documentary :smiley:

I’m throwing money at my screen right now. Seriously this has the potential to be one of the best projects that the yoyo community has seen. Also, it would be a great insight for Yuggles.

$200 for a limited edition Draupnir ain’t a bad deal at all. I’m surprised that the Avalanches haven’t gone yet, there are so many hardcore CLYW collectors out there…

Definately looking forward to seeing the end result of all of this. Heck, I even enjoyed ‘world on a string’ (which it seems many people did not), so I’m really excited about this. :slight_smile:

Well I’m in for my first Draupnir, excited to see how one plays! ;D Seems to be the one of the easiest ways to obtain a new Draupnir, but I haven’t ever really tried to get one either.

I feel as thought the campaign has slowed down a bit. We should contribute more :slight_smile: I would love to see this come through.

I’m pretty stoked about this. I will be getting the DVD for sure.

Giving this a cheeky bump just in case anyone missed it:

^ direct link.

So close to the final amount…  :slight_smile:

I think they’re gonna release new perks at 100% as well so someone hurry up and get it there! I’ve already done my part.

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The campaign has finally been funded! ;D ;D Really exited for this to come through.

Yes Cannot wait to see the finished product

A little update bump, from the campaign’s site:

Hello guys! We are getting closer and closer to the end of the campaign, thank you for your support so far. We have one very important notice for everyone - please make sure that you paid for the shipping (either by adding certain amount - 5$ USA/ 15$ International - to the perk price, or buying shipping perk)! Without it we won’t be able to send you out your rewards, as the shipment is done by external company!!! Also, we have one picture , a little sneak peak of Draupnir special edition. Engraving is not finished yet, and we are now testing it out on some prototypes. What do you think?