We Are Throwers movie is finally out and ready for YOU!

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Enjoy!! Let me know if your 15$ lighter :wink:




10/10 recommend.

It far exceeded my expectations!


Bought. Watched. Loved.


Already watched it twice :slight_smile: only interrupted by inspired throwing sessions.

I’m so glad it went in the direction it did. More about the community and what it means to do this simple, complex, frustrating, zen-like and exciting thing. So so good.

I’d listen to Steve Brown and Dale Oliver talk about this stuff all day.


I heard about this, but didn’t know when it was coming out. I’ll probably end up buying it, but for those of you who don’t have an extra $15, you can rent it and watch it for $6!


If you buy it, what format is it in?


MP4. No DRM that I saw.

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Just watched it. Is fantastic!

After coming back today from a friends funeral (suicide) needless to say the “sad times” part of the video got me pretty heavy in the feels. So much emotion in the entire video. So well done!! I so glad I bought it. It will serve as a way for me to help describe why I do what I do.


I would love to get a hard copy or something I can watch on Apple…any ideas??


if you have a windows machine you could probably burn it to a disc with a software called DVD flick. I use it every so often with good results. I dunno what the mac equivalent would be :frowning:


no PC, all of my stuff gets done on ipad/phone or work laptop…i want to get the flick and have no problem spending $15…does anybody work for the company or know how to get a hard copy?


Both iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X support playing .mp4 by default, no additional software or application is needed. Also, if your phone is an android, you can always just download the video to your phone and plug it into your work laptop and copy the file to a USB drive if you want a backup. Either that or use a cloud storage solution like iCloud, DropBox or your Google drive :slight_smile:

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This is exactly what I was gonna do but I didnt feel right saying anything about it. But ill be out on the dance floor wait you with you. ;D


When I bought it, I tried steaming it first, but it only let me stream in 360. Maybe if you rent, it does a higher res? Anyway, I downloaded it in 1080, and that’s the way to go!

I’ve watched “World on a String” several times, and I’ll be doing the same for this one.


I know they are planning a physical release eventually (I believe with some extras or something like that…) but I don’t know how long that will take.

You should be able to play the file on a Mac, and from there you can always airplay or connect your Mac to the TV to watch it if that’s the concern.


We’ve just added some limited edition We Are Throwers stuff online!!




I bought it, haven’t watch it yet.

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Ive watched it twice now. Once with my non-yoyoing wife. She also enjoyed it!

I love it. Its so well done. <3


Makes me want to go to Iceland!