Waylon's BST

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International shipping will have to be paid by the buyer.
All yoyos are as described.
More photos available upon request.

NOW TAKING TRADES. Paypal preferred for cash transactions.

Please put the name of the yoyo you’re asking about in the subject line of your PM.

Also, as much as I’d love to please everyone, I can’t. If I’m messaging with multiple people about a yoyo, the first one to give me money gets it.

Aoda Pirate. 61 grams of undersized fun. Light, fast, thumb grinds like a champ. A few scuffs and pinpricks. $15

“But when should posterity gaze back into the gloom of what was now the present, they would trace the brightness of his footsteps, brightening as meaner glories faded, and confess that a gifted one had passed from his cradle to his tomb with none to recognize him.”

-Nathaniel Hawthorne


“Masochism is a valuable job skill.”

-Chuck Palahniuk