Hi guys!

So I haven’t been playing for years now and finally got around to sell my yoyo collection. Keep in mind that I haven’t been in the game for some time so I don’t know if the price I’m asking for is adequate.

Here is the list:
3 One Drop yoyos - mint in boxes (the boxes are messed up though)
2 Turning Point yoyos - Leaviathan in good shape no scratches and Solenoid that has a few scratches.
1 YoYo Factory - says its by Gentry Stein - Mint but the caps are messed up
1 Vosun Eztrik - Mint

Everything else that you see in the pictures comes into the bundle. I want to sell all of it together

PRICE - $130 + whatever the shipping costs from UK to your country.

IMG_6933 IMG_6934 IMG_6935 IMG_6936

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PM’d :slight_smile:

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That is an exceptional deal, primarily because Japanese yo-yos tend to be expensive. It would be more than a fair price even if you pulled the Turning Points out.

Really you could boil this down to “value of one drops plus value of turning points”.

This is what’s called a good deal folks.

Not too many of those lately


SOLD! thank you guys for the help, they have found a warming new home.