Quitting sale, $15 per yoyo


Too hot - asome dings, smooth - gone
Super g - nearmint, smooth - 15
Fruiture - anno burns and slight scratches - 30
Neo Gaia - 10
g-funk - some damage, smooth - 15
Berserker b-grade - some damage, vibe - 30

  • 6-slot case - 10

  • about 100 fat\normal\1.5 kitty strings - 15

  • buyer pays fees or just use friends&family

  • pm me with any offers or questions, i’m online most of the time


do you want a bonfire?

Payment sent for cards and Markmont Next. Thanks!

Sent PM about those dragon strings in photo. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have two shutters, one with some dings another near mint with od ten ball, both aqua would you do those for the hot


One bump/day, please


60 for the Ava?its all I have got it from a cascade I sold but don’t have a bank account so buying another

Is Krown viby?

all new bst made!

how much do you want for Draupnirs?

Edit: Deleted. Meant to send as message.

How much for the mighty flea

Hay is the canvas still forsale

Also is the peak for sale still

I have a general yo m10 mint would you wanna trade a peak cuz I really want one

I also have a punch line repeater I’ll trade the m10 and the punchline for that red and yellow peak

I need that peak

I also have a scout in mint condition