i’m sure the yo-yos are good, string isn’t looking too hot

Yoyo string from Watieoboo and linked companies is some hot garbage somehow worse than myy yo-yos seem okay but I question QC and they all seem kind of mediocre

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The one i recieved…is quite good unfortunately. I say “unfortunately” because since its through the vine program (the seller has no idea whether i got it for free or through purchase)i plan on giving it an honest review with my experience of the product and my experience is a good one when its obvious, based on some other reviews, that the qc is not great so the yoyos seem to be hit and miss.

Out of the box it was very smooth, very unresponsive, but the bearing sounded like s#!+.

A touch of nail vibe but its still like 9.7/10.

Ill be taking a star off though because after about 20 minutes of throwing the terrible bearing sound went away and it became responsive. Dirty bearing on arrival isnt so great. I could probably just clean it but i dont plan on using this yoyo really after this so i just swapped the bearing for now. Still very smooth…

Edit: i didnt mention binds or spin times. It has tight binds and long spin times.

For $31 shipped? I dont like it but the one i got deserves 4/5 stars at least.


That’s the normal price. It’s what you pay buying from them direct.

Chosen is a killer yoyo for that price.

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That’s crazy/awesome they can sell those for such a low price.

That’s the standard comment for MYY stuff…


I’ve requested a replacement for my Count to see if I can get a smoother one.

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This is funny I just got a message asking if I want to try the count for free. They don’t want my honest reviews again… maybe they forgot.


Where do they get the name Watieoboo? That is corniest yoyo company name I could ever think of. All I can think is maybe in China it means something cool?


They tried to get me to up my rating on Amazon to 5 stars, and I told them I’d report them for trying to buy positive reviews. I doubt I’ll ever get a yoyo from them again :smiley:


It’s not for free if they’re asking for a return favor.



I was able to get them to reimburse me WITHOUT changing my rating. My new one came in, and is much smoother, but still has some vibe.


Looking at some FB groups is really an awful way to make marketing, they contacted me as well on Instagram but I just deleted the message.
Sad for them, they got in a community where at least 98% of us is incredibly reliable and doesn’t take the mic in those chances and have a free product is not an excuse to “sell yourself”, probably they had to create something different than yoyos if they wanted to make marketing and advertising in this way.


I took apart my Count today to get out a particularly bad knot and noticed it felt like it was grinding when I put it back together. I took it apart again and metal filings fell out.

Upon closer examination, I noticed the inside ring of the bearing was all torn to shreds. I cleaned out the yo-yo and tossed a different bearing in. It all went together without grinding, and now the yo-yo is dead smooth.

I deshielded and cleaned the bearing that came with it, but it still seems like a crap bearing, so I chucked it.

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That’s exactly what happened with my valley I ended up stripping. There was a thread about this recently how some companies use really tight tolerances in the bearing seat area to make yoyos smooth. I’d try not to open it anymore unless you really have to. The bearing seat post will continue to wear down more and more every time it’s opened until it basically is super loose and will vibe a ton.

So In total I have a total of 5 watieoboo pieces, 4 ws01s and 1 storm 6. Both of these were dead smooth on the first throw right out of the box, though I wasn’t really all that captivated by the storm 6. With a s hard as they boasted about it having dual rings, it really didn’t have the power you’d expect with dual stainless rings. In fact I own a dual ring big-aluminum from another small company, and it noticably is more powerful. The X039A is lighter and faster, and has a slightly longer spintime.
Another is the D303ls which is by fetesnice, man does it pack a punch!! Research research research guys

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