Wasp Nest Counterweight

I decided like 20 minutes ago to make a wasp nest counterweight. I went to instructables, made the counter weight, and then just put it in the glue/water mixture.
My question; I am probably going to fall asleep so will it be okay to leave it in the water/glue mixture for like 7-8 hours?

No, not unless you want a Wasp’s Nest GlueBall counterweight.

I forget their instructions, but I’d say they know what they are doing. Follow the instructions.

It says to have it in for at least 1 hour.

I’d say an hour is more than sufficient. You have to remember, the glue is also trying to set, so you have to balance that with how long you want to let it soak/absorb the water/glue mixture.

Stay up, wait an hour, put it out, hand to dry, go to bed. Wake up and go wild on the 5A.

Hahaha, thanks and I can’t wait to start 5A!