Washington Redskins Fans

Heyoo! I was born a skin fan and ill die one too!

We are currently getting smashed right now…

I unplugged my tv.

Share everything redskins! I have a few old hats that papaw gave me when he passed, one says “redskins world champions” the other is just skins hat, but its signed by Brundage. I wear one everyday, it has the fancy R on it, you’ve probably seen it in my videos. HTTR!!!

My second favorite team. Family parents grew up there, now we live in Panther vile…

RGIII grew a belly… I don’t remember him that chubby.

Er… tries to think of american sports… we are talking about… baseball?


Ahh, so close…

Still have no idea how the sport works. I remember watching a match from the Superbowl once and I had no idea in the slightest what was going on. I’m used to Rugby so when they started throwing the ball forward I was all “hey! they can’t do that! That’s cheating!”. =P

see i have not the slightest idea how rugby is played.

Football is basically war, and the only person who can throw forward is the quarterback. After it is caught it cannot be passed forward again, just backward.