Wasabi FS

Selling a 08 green wasabi same condition i got it in from the store, although it was my main player for a while. I just find my self never reaching for it to play with any more. I can throw in the bag, and i am not 100% sure where the pin is but if it is important to you i will find it. I know it is buried in my yoyo supplies drawer. Here are some older pics -

If you want to buy offer. Paypal only!

At this point it is not for trade unless you have a painted peak, I would add 50-100 dollars to the wasabi for the peak depending oh the condishion. I am looking for one with some dings though (so it would be cheaper)

Jeremy G.

omg i want it so bad

So buy it.

I had money to buy one and then and then ISYYC happened and now no money but i have a G5+ now


I may be getting $150 in the next few days, hold on to this for me =]

Possibily pending (guy said he will buy it, but has to ask his mom) for 120 shipped, unless any one can beat that…

Yo I got cash today, I want this, I can do $125 pm me if we have a deal

it is long gone.

Would be great if you could move this into the archive.