Wasabi for trade/sale. Price drop

Cash only unless you have an '09 Severe or capped '10. Would prefer them to be in good shape, as this is.
$80 shipped, otherwise.

Wasabi is as mint as a raw yoyo that has been played can be. A few light marks, but nothing a light polish/sanding woudn’t take out. And certainly nothing you can feel. Just poured some new RTV in there a few nights ago. This is one of about twenty out there.

PLEASE do not offer on any of the other yoyos pictured, as they have all been sold.

You grab a pair of 900s and one hundred white slick 6 strings for me in an hour when they drop(clear/white is preferred, but any matching colors work for me)and the Skyline is yours.

Pretty decent deal for a rare Wasabi… Apparently nobody wants it.

I want it but you only want a severe.