FS/price check: my whole collection

Edit: Please be advised that I might take a while making decisions. I’m going to get prices checked on the general forum as well, so I probably won’t make any sales until I hear back about that.

I’m thinking of selling off my collection. I’ve been out of the yoyo world for so long, I don’t really know what things are worth anymore. If I get the right offers, pretty much any of these are available. Note that I’m using a complicated footnote system to denote condition, but if you’re really interested in something you should PM me for more details and pics.

From left-to-right, top-to-bottom:

ILYY Enigma% | Bully (absolutely not for sale) | ILYY Wasabi 08** | ILYY Wasabi 08/09* (I was told this is a one of a kind white wasabi from a contest somewhere. It weighs ~64g, which is between 08 and 09 weight. If you want more info, I’ll try to find it, but most of this happened on yoyonation. As some of you have pointed out, this is probably a pearl. Maybe the dark gray Wasabi is the one I’m thinking of? Is that a one-of-a-kind?)
One Drop M1~ | CLYWxSPYY Galactic Goose$ | ILYY P22~ | ILYY Wasabi 09*
ILYY Liopleurodon% | SPYY Flying V$ (probably not for sale) | ILYY Wasabi 08~ (I don’t remember what the deal is with this color. If you know, please let me know. Edit: I don’t think this is a Pearl because it weighs ~60 grams. My scale might be a bit off, but it’s giving me that same weight for my 08 green Wasabi and 66g for my 09 Wasabi.) | CLYW Campfire$

SPYY PPR Pistolero #6 of 10 – mint and only thrown ~10 times.

HSpin Blood Lily – visually is in good condition, but has a pretty strong vibe

Key to footnotes:

$ = mint/no visible damage
~ = a single pinprick-sized flaw on rims

  • = some fairly minor damage on rims
    % = discoloration (this was a factory 2nd)
    ** = more severe damage on rims

Make me an offer. The only trade I might consider would be for a SPYY Eh or regular Pistolero (whose values I am also ignorant of), but in general money is a better offer. Also, let me know if you want additional photos or more information.