FS/FT: Pre-Pro 09 Wasabi $85 PRICE DROP, offer anything!


ILYY 09 Wasabi (Pre-Production)  three dings on one side, small and very hard to feel.  $90

ALSO: Want to swap halves on my stock Hatrick.  Doesn’t matter which, Gray or Aqua/Greenish

More Pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31020109@N04/sets/72157621944900799/

TRADES I’LL CONSIDER  (feel free to offer anything, and I can add $$ for any lop-sided deals)
SPYY Skyychaser “C”
Werrd Two Fat Ladies, 4XL or Rozzor
CLYW Bassalope
One-Drop Project 2
General-Yo 5-star v2 (I want one with a purple half, doesn’t matter what color the other half is)
General-Yo Hatrick (again, want one with a pink half, does matter what color the other half is)
BBYY Bully
BBYY TT (Camo Ano)
YYF Genesis
YYF Boss
YYF Grind Machine 2
Production YoYoJam Eneme
YYJ Atmosphere
Dif-e-yo  IT
or…just offer away!

PM me!


E1ns and H2O both gone


I’d like that Wedgie, you ship worldwide?

(Mitch Ginder) #5

I want that wasabi.

Want an OG stardust?


sorry, stardust doesn’t interest me.


Wedgie is pending.

Wasabi has a lot of offers, but nothing concrete so far!


Wedgie is back up.


Wedgie pending…again.

Getting close to accepting an offer on the Wasabi, get your offers in.


Wasabi deal fell through. Dropping the price.

Open to any and all offers!

(Q) #12

Anything on the wedgie?


I thought I bought the wedgie?..

(Q) #14

You may have. I’m asking if he still has it. Oh well


It’s pending sale to strychnine.


Feeling any better, Jared?


not at all actually, had to miss work today as I have no voice.

(system) #19