*warning tacoman3id


Mod edit: Appears to be speculation.


If you have not actually done a trade, or have first hand info, please do not speculate on this person’s trade offerings.


dingo54 - my apologies.
Some information has come to light that make your original accusation correct.
I believe this guy is a scammer and has set up another account - yoyoman333.


I have seen him on here with a couple different ID’s all using Yoyoman as his name with different numbers at the end.


What others? All I can track directly are tacoman3kid and yoyoman333.


My bad, it was on yoyonation that he created a new account with the name yoyoman34 after I called him out as a scammer under the yoyoman333 name.


Strange that I just saw this thread. I was just looking at this kid’s Youtube Page.


this kid scammed me out on youtube >:(

(Edmeister) #9

Theirs no point in Necroing this post.
Hes alread ybeen marked a scammer.


his name is mark hall beware of that name


Like edmeister said don’t necro,

Ironically, Edmeister was a scammer…


Yes, a bad one too.