Warming up

Just wondering if anyone does some type of warm up routine before getting into a practice session? I usually just throw the few binds I know then get to it. Do you have any thing you do, consciously or subliminally you do before practicing or learning a new trick?

Yep sure do. I have this silly trick of elements from rewind, the matrix, cold fusion, and then a green triangle. I throw that a few times then get serious :slight_smile:

I just play with my yoyos.

It isn’t a conscious thing but one of the first tricks I often do is a brain twister speed combo.
Front style combos have a nice flow to them and it is fast, ensuring that my hands are ready to handle whatever I can throw at them.

It seems my first trick I always start with is and whut

I always throw a trapeze then bind a few times, then I start some double or nothin, and hop into kwijibo until I have the feel of today’s throw…

I throw horizontal tricks right away…
And then the yoyo hit my head an I only cried for 20 minutes.