Want that "New string bounce" without having to have a new string?

Then give this a go!


Wow, cool. You figure that out. Although, I am not sure I would trust the rubber bands to keep my yoyos safe. :smiley:

How the? What the… You, are awesome.

I dunno why this amuses me so much :smiley:

I can’t see the picture (blocked at work) but im assuming that there is a rubberband tied between the throwhand and yoyo at some point.

I see some paddle ball like potential in a setup like that.

in the past couple of months… i have developed a preference for “New String Bounce” … my kid and co-workers i’ve given yoyo’s to get my “dead strings”

As somebody using YYE Poly, it made my string much heavier and easier to whip. Did my first double brent stole tonight.

I don’t like the bounce… Prefer used string haha.

Or you can just wash the string in the laundry.

I’ve got nylon strings that ate extremely bouncy for a long time, and the 8 thread strings I make are bouncy, but thin.

This looks like a terrible idea…

I must give it a shot. ;D

If sorta is. But the bounce…iness Is crazy.

The only problem I have with it is I can’t do any of my kamikaze mount tricks. The bands get caught in the gap and bruise my knuckles.

Haha, I tried this out, it made me have so much fun while yoyoing. Everything was so much harder to accomplish, but it made me laugh so much. I showed it to my family and my 11 year old brother said, what if you popped the yoyo through the elastic hole? I was like, whoa, that’s crazy, I have to try it. So obviously I did, but the only way it will really work is if you are using one elastic, and it might break, like it did to mine. ::slight_smile:

Anyway, it might not be the best idea, but it did get some laughs from my family and myself!

(Oh, also, it was really fun to do especially after having met you.)

same here

I’ve tried that, but the rubber band kinda gets in the way on my tricks.
Thanks for the awesome idea though. ;D