Want Skywalker, Septopus, Gnarwhal ~ Have: Double Joker, Superstar, Money

You can also text me at 240-446-0812.

I want a Skywalker, Ti walker (haha) or Septopus the most, but you can offer gnarwhals if you want, I may take one. These are all that I am looking for at the moment.

Here’s what I have to add:

-Loop 900 pair
-Protostar MIB
-Tom Kuhn Silver Bullet 2
-kk bearings

Please don’t offer to sell me your throw because I am trying to keep as much money as possible. So here’s the stuff…

YoyoJoker Double Joker

The ano on YoyoJokers is very thin and so it gets marks easy, this one has a couple of tiny marks that I couldn’t get on camera. It plays great though, no vibe or anything. It comes with the original box. Offer if you want to buy it.

Yoga Flame Edition Superstar

It plays perfectly and is completely mint with the box and stacks. For sale for $70

Offer me your Septopus, Skywalker, Ti walker, and Gnarwhal for whatever you want… ;D ;D

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For the YYJ Atmosphere I am offering you a One Drop 54. It is in great condition no marks or scratches. I will clean bearing before shipping. Please do not scam me it’s my first time trading. And message me back. ;D ;D ;D

Just saying… those are the same pictures as the ones from highspeedyoyo.


You might want to post your own pictures…

Yeah, he (Merc3) sent me a PM trying to sell me DV888s using pics that weren’t his either and selling the same three colors saying all were mint or near.

pm-ed! (: