WANT:Ocho8Ocho 888(and others), ANTI-YO, Big Deal HAVE: Possible cash /YYR/Stuff

I am looking for an Ocho8Ocho edition 888, the green/red one. I’d also be interested in any other 888 yoyos that aren’t the 888x. The Augie ones look really nice. A Big Deal would be so nice to have.

I’ve been really getting into Anti-Yo recently. Thus, I’d love to collect some specific ones. I am especially interested in whatever I list below, although anything flies:

-Long shot, but The End, Non-SE YWET, Kuntosh, and the BSP are also throws of high interest
-Bapezilla / Eetsit

YYR - ClashCube, Uragment, Sleipnir, others - LOVE PINK YYR’s
TP - Some of the Leviathans, TP BiMetals, whatever
YYF - Nice 07/08/09 888’s, Classic Skyline, would LOVE a Big Deal
OD - Nothing much except for OG Projects
CLYW - something in a nice color, idk
RecRev - I love the throws with the Stax system and nice colors, the sine//saw comes to mind. I’d loooove one of those as a sweetner, Silly Goose and others are cool too
ILLY - St.Eel
Alchemy - CU

YYR Draupnir - Looking for other Draupnirs for this limited YoyoAddict x YYR collab Draupnir in a lovely emerald green color. One thing to note is that the “A” on the laser engraving is replaced with a triangle (because YoyoAddict) for this special run of Draups. Interested in the Red/Blue/Gold/Black colorways, prefer the ones with the old logo. No damage.


YYR Overdrive - Possibly the most amazing full-aluminum throw over 54mm. Nice deep blue color. Some small blemishes here and there, a small scuff. No serious metal damage save for a pinprick or two.


Random Plastics: YYF Protostar, Modded Raiders. Ask me specifically for condition, vibe, etc. These are sweeteners.